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  1. Major CMS upgrade

    Expressionengine 1.7.1 - 2.4 Major upgrade - We needed to upgrade for future grow, more on this soon. - New version is faster and more secure. - and a lot more.... Installed AutoMin (an EE module) - caching - Compressing HTML Markup (no more nice html code) - Combining css files (into one) - Combining js files (into one) The website now uses MemCache and APC, a really great improvement…


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    1. Protect your images

      There are several ways to low-level protect your images. But all who know a bit of html can always look in your source code. - one way is using javascript to disable the right mouse function. - an other way is to place all your images in a css background-image. What I did was combining imgsizer with css background-image, but this case with a layer on top as watermark.


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