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  1. 4elements, iPhone version

    I made a very simple version of 4elements.com for the iPhone.

    Interested: http://m.4elements.com (use with cellphone or iPhone only)

    It's not done yet of course. But it's a nice way for me to see what's possible.
    Later on I will add more information and an automatically redirect to http://m.4elements.com for those who visit my site with an iPhone.

    Stay tuned..



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  1. hehe dat is goed hoor. Ik merk wel dat ik wat aan deze blog moet gaan veranderen.....
  2. Way to go Martijn!...... I'l use the iPhone version when it's done. GREAT work!!!! and good luck!
  3. Hello Thomas, Thanks. I will let you know when the iPhone version is 100% done.

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