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  1. Protect your images

    There are several ways to low-level protect your images.
    But all who know a bit of html can always look in your source code.

    - one way is using javascript to disable the right mouse function.
    - an other way is to place all your images in a css background-image.

    What I did was combining imgsizer with css background-image, but this case with a layer on top as watermark.

    {exp:imgsizer:size src="{original}" height="xx" quality="85"}

    <img src="watermark.png" "width="xx" height="xx" title="{title}" alt="{title}" style="background-image:url({sized}); width:{width}px; height:{height}px;"/>




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  1. thank you very much for giving a idea how to protect image. it make me easy towork

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