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  1. Webmin on a PowerMac G5, part I

    Chapter I: Intro
    Chapter II: Installing/compiling Apache, php, mysql and others in 64Bit.
    Chapter III: Installing/compiling Dovecot, Procmail and ProFTP in 64Bit.
    Chapter IV: Installing Webmin and setting up Webmin.

    I have an old Apple G5 Dual 2 Ghz standing in my server room doing nothing.
    So I decided to change the G5 into a 64Bit web server, file server, streaming video server, Central Backup with Time Machine and more.

    I checked several option:
    - Running the latest Mac OS X server, 10.5.8
    - Running Fedora PPC32/PPC64
    - Running Debian and Ubuntu PPC64

    Fedora 11 / 12:
    The main problem of fedora is that it won't let you install a complete 64Bit system, just the 64Bit kernel. So what use does it has for a 64Bit server?
    Also trying to setup a network between fedora and apple is buggy. Netatalk is great but it does not do what it promises, yet. The AFP from apple is one of the best network protocols I see around and works out-off-the-box.

    - Large community,
    - Perfect for a x86_64 computer,

    - Unstable PPC64 version,
    - Won't install out-off-the-box,

    Debian and Ubuntu PPC64:
    While Debian installed like a charm it never let me boot into it.
    Ubuntu is one of my favorites, only the lack of a decent network protocol made me change my thoughts.

    The network connection is one of the most important features I need, while all my computers are apple. Time Machine is perfect if you have a stable, fast network and lot's of HD space.

    Using Mac OS X 10.5 server from apple is of course the perfect option, only problem are the settings and lack of a user interface for hosting.
    The other downside is that all compiled programs are 32Bits while the system is 64Bits.

    Webmin (webmin.com) is perfect for changing settings, setting up your DNS server and handle your databases.



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