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    15 Best PHP Calendar, Booking & Events Scripts

    There are several reasons PHP calendar, booking and events scripts may be an indispensable addition to your website. If, for example, you’re a service provider, then it makes sense to have an appointment booking system on your site that allows potential customers to see your availability and select an appointment time and date that is best for them. This could cut down on needless calls to your business to make appointments and free up your time or your staff’s time for other endeavours.

    Online calendars are also handy for organisations of any size to help team members share events and tasks and keep each other abreast of what other members are working on.

    Their usefulness isn’t just limited to companies, however. Artists, writers, performers, bloggers and any other individual with an active public life could make good use of online calendars to let followers and fans know the whens and wheres of public appearances.

    With all this in mind, we’ve compiled 15 of our best PHP Calendar, Booking & Events Scripts available at CodeCanyon, to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

    1. Cleanto - Appointment Booking System

    The Cleanto appointment booking system just entered the market late last year and is already proving to be a solid performer. This appointment booking system is ideal for many different types of service companies looking for a reliable way to provide clients with full-featured online booking.


    Standout features:

    • PayPal/Authorize.Net/Stripe payment methods
    • email reminders
    • auto confirm booking
    • ability to add breaks in schedule
    • ability to export booking, customer and services information
    • and much more

    Cleanto - Appointment Booking System is a strong option for business owners looking to provide their clients and customers with a dependable online booking system.

    2. Booking System

    The Booking System script is another appointment booking system that offers four different kinds of calendars to process online bookings for any industry. 

    Booking System

    Standout features:

    • integrated with PayPal
    • manages taxes and currency
    • ability to export to Google Calendar/iCal/Outlook
    • printable PDF schedule
    • and so much more

    Booking System is one of the top-selling PHP Calendar Scripts on CodeCanyon and a great choice for those looking for a reliable appointment booking system.

    3. PHP Events Calendar Control

    The PHP Events Calendar Control script offers a wide range of features, such as publishing and viewing calendar events and statistical information in a user-friendly design. It can be configured to give access to various types of users.

    PHP Events Calendar Control

    Standout features:

    • ability to organise by events, categories, locations, participants, or statistics
    • ability to assigning events to different users
    • ability to assign different access rights for viewers
    • yearly, monthly, weekly and daily views
    • and so much more

    The PHP Events Calendar Control has been around for a while and is a good steady performer. 

    4. Employee Work Schedule / Multi-calendar

    The Employee Work Schedule/Multi-calendar is packed with features that companies will find useful for managing team productivity. The calendar can be set up to provide access to selected team members and allows the designated admin to assign tasks, or conversely team members can record their own self-assigned tasks or appointments.

    Employee Work Schedule  Multi-calendar

    Standout features:

    • public, private or group calendars
    • popup dialog for adding, editing and deleting items
    • ability for both admins and users to create calendars
    • supports recurring events
    • and much more

    The Employee Work Schedule / Multi-calendar is the ideal choice for small or large companies that need a way for employees to keep each other abreast of tasks and events they’re working on.

    5. Vacation Rentals Booking Calendar

    The Vacation Rentals Booking Calendar is an online vacation rental booking calendar script that allows property owners or management agencies to create and manage rental availability calendars for their vacation rental properties.

     Vacation Rentals Booking Calendar

    Standout features:

    • highly customizable
    • emails notifications to owner/administrator
    • XML/JSON availability feeds
    • export calendars to iCalendar format
    • and so much more

    If you’re a vacation rental property owner or agency, the Vacation Rentals Booking Calendar is a great choice of booking calendar to help you manage your properties.

    6. Events Calendar

    The Events Calendar allows you to create several calendars dedicated to different locations or categories. Each event in the calendar comes with its own popup feature that allows you to add important details like starting and ending time for each event, textual description, photos, videos, location map, etc.

    Events Calendar

    Standout features:

    • ability to create an unlimited number of calendars
    • ability to view event details via rollover popup
    • ability to add videos and a photo gallery for each event
    • ability to add the event website link
    • and more

    The range of possibility the Events Calendar offers will appeal to a wide cross-section of users. 

    7. Ajax Full Featured Calendar 2

    Ajax Full Featured Calendar 2 is a highly customizable personal calendar designed to help you keep organized. This is a bestselling update of another longstanding bestseller, the Ajax Full Featured Calendar.

    Ajax Full Featured Calendar 2

    Standout features:

    • PHP & JS versions with PHP class
    • ability to auto-embed YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, etc.
    • ability to export calendar or events to iCal format
    • supports recurring events
    • and much more

    The Ajax Full Featured Calendar 2 is a beautifully simple multi-featured calendar with a lot of appeal.

    8. PHP Event Calendar

    Another CodeCanyon bestseller, the PHP Event Calendar’s primary function is to display events on a calendar on your website.

    PHP Event Calendar

    Standout features:

    • cross-browser compatible (IE6+, FF, Safari)
    • easily export data to iCal or Google calendar
    • search function
    • simple MySQL database back end
    • and much more

    As one of the top selling PHP calendar scripts at CodeCanyon, the PHP Event Calendar is a solid performer that will help you add event details to your website with minimal fuss.

    9. Google, iCal & XML Event List Calendar for PHP

    The Google, iCal & XML Event List Calendar for PHP is a versatile script that will extract events from your Google Calendar, another iCal stream or just an XML file, and turn them into a comprehensive list of events. The script includes Facebook and Twitter links so you can share the list on your social networks.

     Google iCal  XML Event List Calendar for PHP

    Standout features:

    • includes skins to adjust the calendar to your website
    • extracts events from Google Calendar, iCal, or XML
    • integrated Twitter and Facebook buttons
    • day, month and year layout
    • and so much more

    The Google, iCal & XML Event List Calendar for PHP is a wonderful way to turn the events spread across your calendar into a list view.

    10. Freelance Calendar

    The Freelance Calendar script is designed to complement the Ultimate Client Manager (UCM) system. It will display any alerts and to-do items from the UCM system in your personal calendar.

    Freelance Calendar

    Standout features:

    • open source
    • integrates PayPal payments
    • store and search client info, contact details, etc.
    • ability to control permissions so that staff sees only what you want them to
    • and so much more

    You don’t have to be a freelancer to benefit from Freelance Calendar—it’s the perfect organizing tool for anyone who uses the UCM system.

    11. CIFullCalendar v3

    The CIFullCalendar v3 allows users to organize, plan, edit and share calendar events easily by dragging, dropping, resizing, clicking, touching, categorizing, linking, etc.

    CIFullCalendar v3

    Standout features:

    • import/export events
    • share events among users in various groups
    • draggable events
    • print friendly
    • and so much more

    CIFullCalendar v3 is a great choice for businesses or groups who want to collaborate online and stay up-to-date with each other’s schedules.

    12. File Download Calendar

    The File Download Calendar is unique among the calendars on this list. Its function is to create a calendar of files which can be downloaded on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

    File Download Calendar

    Standout features:

    • admin panel to manage files
    • daily, weekly, monthly and annual views
    • download files via calendar
    • fully responsive
    • and much more

    The File Download Calendar is a simple script that will appeal to those who need the ability to download reports or other files on a predetermined schedule.

    13. Event Calendar - PHP/MYSQL Plugin

    Built with jQuery FullCalendar and integrated onto Bootstrap’s grid layout, the Event Calendar allows users to organize and plan their events.

    Event Calendar - PHPMYSQL Plugin

    Standout features:

    • create new types of events
    • ability to add fields like title, color, description, link, and photo
    • Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icons
    • and so much more

    Staying organized and planning events can be a challenge in today’s fast-moving, ever-connected world, but Event Calendar - PHP/MYSQL Plugin will make it easy.

    14. FacebookEvents Calendar For PHP

    With the Facebook Events Calendar For PHP script, you can display all Facebook events on an events calendar in your choice of three layouts: full, compact, or a list view with details of the events. You can put this events calendar everywhere on your website.

    Facebook Events Calendar For PHP

    Standout features:

    • view events via calendar or list style
    • quick view an event’s info in a rollover popup
    • easy to install and integrate into a website
    • and much more

    FacebookEvents Calendar For PHP will appeal to a variety of users who want to integrate their calendars with events on Facebook without doing the tedious work of copying and pasting.

    15. eCalendar - Responsive Events Calendar

    Quite simply, the eCalendar - Responsive Events Calendar is designed to keep individual users or companies organised with a calendar that allows users to add as many events as needed, as well as details like the event title, location and time, etc.

    eCalendar - Responsive Events Calendar

    Standout features:

    • choice of two designs
    • cross-browser compatibility (IE8+, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox)
    • events are saved in your MySQL database
    • fully responsive design
    • and so much more

    eCalendar - Responsive Events Calendar is simple and very user friendly and will appeal to both individual users and companies alike.


    These 15 Best PHP Calendar, Booking & Events Scripts just scratch the surface of products available at Envato Market. So if none of them catch your fancy, there are plenty of other great options to hold your interest.

    And if you want to improve your PHP skills, check out our ever so useful free PHP tutorials.

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