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    Webmin on a PowerMac G5, part I

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    Chapter I: Intro
    Chapter II: Installing/compiling Apache, php, mysql and others in 64Bit.
    Chapter III: Installing/compiling Dovecot, Procmail and ProFTP in 64Bit.
    Chapter IV: Installing Webmin and setting up Webmin.

    I have an old Apple G5 Dual 2 Ghz standing in my server room doing nothing.
    So I decided to change the G5 into a 64Bit web server, file server, streaming video server, Central Backup with Time Machine and more.

    I checked several option:
    - Running the latest Mac OS X server, 10.5.8
    - Running Fedora PPC32/PPC64
    - Running Debian and Ubuntu PPC64

    Fedora 11 / 12:
    The main problem of fedora is that it won't let you install a complete 64Bit system, just the 64Bit kernel. So what use does it has for a 64Bit server?
    Also trying to setup a network between fedora and apple is buggy. Netatalk is great but it does not do what it promises, yet. The AFP from apple is one of the best network protocols I see around and works out-off-the-box.

    - Large community,
    - Perfect for a x86_64 computer,

    - Unstable PPC64 version,
    - Won't install out-off-the-box,

    Debian and Ubuntu PPC64:
    While Debian installed like a charm it never let me boot into it.
    Ubuntu is one of my favorites, only the lack of a decent network protocol made me change my thoughts.

    The network connection is one of the most important features I need, while all my computers are apple. Time Machine is perfect if you have a stable, fast network and lot's of HD space.

    Using Mac OS X 10.5 server from apple is of course the perfect option, only problem are the settings and lack of a user interface for hosting.
    The other downside is that all compiled programs are 32Bits while the system is 64Bits.

    Webmin ( is perfect for changing settings, setting up your DNS server and handle your databases.

    martijn broeders

    founder/ strategic creative at 4elements web design & consultancy
    e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    phone: 06 38 55 28 54

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