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    20 Useful PHP Contact Forms on CodeCanyon

    4elements | web design Den Haag blog • 20 Useful PHP Contact Forms on CodeCanyon

    Just about every website needs to have a contact form. Not only can it help cut down the amount of spam from those acquiring a direct email address, it can also help leverage the exchange into something more. Ask for a newsletter sign-up, enable a file upload, set up an auto-responder, and much more.

    To help you find the right PHP contact form, here are 20 useful PHP contact forms on CodeCanyon:

    1. Flora Forms - Responsive Ajax Contact Forms

    Flora Forms - Responsive Ajax Contact Forms is another great PHP contact form. Using clean HTML5 and CSS3, this responsive form supports many different configurations.

    Flora Forms - Responsive Ajax Contact Forms

    This PHP contact form includes:

    • animated file upload progress bars
    • tooltips and vector icons
    • six color themes
    • CSV file export
    • and much more

    Packed full of features and great design, Flora Forms - Responsive Ajax Contact Forms is a worthy contender that would be a great addition to any developer's toolbox.

    2. Usernoise Modal Contact / Feedback Form

    The Usernoise Modal Contact / Feedback Form is great for quick, modal-driven PHP contact forms.

    Usernoise Modal Contact  Feedback Form

    Features include:

    • defaults to Gmail email delivery for easy configuration
    • translation ready
    • spam-proof
    • and more

    The Usernoise Modal Contact / Feedback Form is perfect for adding a quick contact form in full modal goodness.

    3. Quform - Responsive Ajax Contact Form

    Sometimes you just need a simple solution. No bells. No whistles. Just a simple, easy-to-use PHP contact form.

    Quform - Responsive Ajax Contact Form is exactly that—with a nice bit of polish.

    Quform - Responsive Ajax Contact Form

    Here are some of the features included in this easy-to-use solution:

    • includes six themes—or create your own
    • fully responsive, documented, and customizable
    • multiple CAPTCHA options
    • save form data to a database
    • and much more

    The Quform - Responsive Ajax Contact Form is a really nice PHP contact form (especially at this price point). If you're interested in integrating this with WordPress, you might also check out the Quform - WordPress Form Builder.

    4. Hello Form Builder - Contact Form

    Would you like to set up your PHP contact forms with a drag-and-drop interface?

    Then say “hello” to the Hello Form Builder - Contact Form.

    Hello Form Builder - Contact Form

    The biggest draw to this contact form is the WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface used to build your contact forms, but there are plenty of other features worth noting:

    • includes many different form elements
    • server side validation
    • styled HTML email
    • SMTP support
    • and more

    You can set up customized error messages and auto-replies, and you can easily use Google Fonts.

    Hello Form Builder - Contact Form is a great way to quickly and easily build contact forms without writing code.

    5. Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

    It seems a little silly to refer to anything under $10 as “ultimate,” but when you take a closer look, you'll see that the Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form is appropriately named.

    Ultimate PHP HTML5  AJAX Contact Form

    Easily integrate this into your PHP-powered site and enjoy features like:

    • Google reCAPTCHA capable with honeypot backup
    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack prevention
    • required field validation
    • file upload support
    • and much more

    You won't need a database to use this contact form, and you'll find it well documented.

    Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form packs a lot of punch.

    6. Contact Form Generator - Easy & Powerful Form Builder

    It's all in the name: Contact Form Generator - Easy & Powerful Form Builder.

    It's easy. It's powerful. It's a great way to generate your PHP contact forms.

    Contact Form Generator - Easy  Powerful Form Builder


    • instant email and/or SMS notifications
    • custom validation and error messages
    • custom email auto-responder
    • MySQL database integration
    • supports file uploads
    • and much more

    With the no coding required, you can make beautiful and functional PHP contact forms using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

    You can also integrate:

    • MailChimp
    • AWeber
    • Constant Contact
    • Campaign Monitor
    • iContact
    • GetResponse
    • and Salesforce

    Contact Form Generator - Easy & Powerful Form Builder is seriously good.

    7. Email with Multiple Attachments (HTML5, PHP)

    The Email with Multiple Attachments (HTML5, PHP) PHP contact form focuses on attachments—and does an excellent job of it.

    Email with Multiple Attachments HTML5 PHP

    I love how you can add multiple attachments using a single input box. If you prefer multiple input boxes, you can still use it that way, but if you want users to submit anything over three or four files, your contact form is going to start getting a little hairy.

    There are some other great options here too:

    • set time, memory, and file size limits
    • send email with or without files
    • set allowed file types
    • form field validation
    • and more

    Email with Multiple Attachments (HTML5, PHP) is an excellent PHP contact form for accepting file attachments.

    8. Easy PHP Contact Form Script

    Easy PHP Contact Form Script includes the usual options you would expect in a PHP contact form, with a little extra something added to the mix.

    Not only does it support multiple languages, it can also detect a user's location (city and country).

    Easy PHP Contact Form Script

    Other features include:

    • add one line of code for each field
    • SMTP authentication or PHP mail
    • customizable auto-responder
    • fully responsive HTML5
    • and more

    Without much technical know-how, you can easily implement the Easy PHP Contact Form Script into your site.

    9. AJAX Contact Form with Attachments 2.0

    Leveraging PHP Zend Components, the AJAX Contact Form with Attachments 2.0 includes a lot of features that are wrapped nicely in a touchscreen-centric design.

    AJAX Contact Form with attachments 20

    Some of the features that might turn your head include:

    • drag-and-drop spam control
    • HTML5 form validation
    • supports file uploads
    • auto-responders
    • and more

    AJAX Contact Form with Attachments 2.0 is one of the few “mobile first” designed PHP contact forms and includes most every feature you'll want in a contact form. It also comes fully dressed in WordPress.

    10. Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey

    With the Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey, we begin to move away from the more simple PHP contact forms and into the area of PHP form builders.

    This PHP script makes it easy to design your own form and embed it into just about any website in just a few steps.

    Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact  Survey

    Features include:

    • wizard form builder and drag-and-drop tool
    • advanced conditional logic
    • 40+ form elements
    • language switcher
    • and much, much more

    Integrate your form into multiple systems—WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, etc. (although WordPress users may want to consider the WordPress plugin version). The advanced grid system, skin customizer, and form builder wizard make contact form creation easy and powerful.

    Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey is a great way to build your website forms, no matter the platform.

    11. Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager

    Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager is another great form builder that doesn't shy away from features and looks great, too.

    Easy Forms Advanced Form Builder and Manager

    You can:

    • easily create great looking forms
    • publish forms in any web page
    • use themes and templates
    • set up conditional logic
    • and much, much more

    Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager also includes a submission manager and form analytics, helping you collect the data you need to get the most out of your contact forms.

    12. Easy Form Stencil

    The Easy Form Stencil PHP contact form is as easy as one, two, three, four!

    Create your form, add form fields, download it, and add it to your website. It's as easy as that.

    Easy Form Stencil

    Features included:

    • drag-and-drop interface
    • custom input fields
    • fully responsive
    • and more

    Using Easy Form Stencil will help you easily generate PHP contact forms and more.

    13. Universal Form Builder

    Build and integrate your forms into WordPress, Joomla!, Magento and more with Universal Form Builder.

    One solution. Multiple platforms. And it's easy to use!

    Universal Form Builder

    Included with this PHP contact form solution:

    • WordPress plugin version
    • full skin customizer
    • customizable fields
    • multilingual ready
    • image uploads
    • and much more

    The Universal Form Builder drag-and-drop PHP contact form creator is great for just about every website building platform. A great addition to your development tool-belt.

    14. FormCraft - Premium PHP Form Builder

    Not only is the FormCraft - Premium PHP Form Builder pretty, it also integrates a lot of helpful tools—making it a very powerful and worthwhile PHP form builder.

    FormCraft - Premium PHP Form Builder

    You'll enjoy:

    • beautiful fields and retina images
    • conditional fields
    • save progress
    • analytics
    • and much more

    You can also integrate:

    • Campaign Monitor
    • MailChimp
    • AWeber

    Or embed forms with a few lines of code or share a unique form link. Store your data via SQL and enjoy the many different ways to customize the FormCraft - Premium PHP Form Builder (or try an even more turn-key solution: FormCraft 3 for WordPress).

    15. Lead Tracker or Contact with Advance Form Builder

    The Lead Tracker or Contact with Advance Form Builder is much more than a PHP contact form or any other form previously listed.

    This script is also a lead management system. A great way to turn your contact form into a full-fledged lead manager tool.

    Lead Tracker or Contact with Advance Form Builder

    Easily add this to your website—WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and other CMSs included.

    A great solution for:

    • email subscriptions
    • opt-in and funneling
    • feedback forms
    • request quotes
    • bug tracking
    • and more

    The Lead Tracker or Contact with Advance Form Builder is a unique solution that fits its niche very well.

    16. ez1 Contact Form

    The ez1 Contact Form is seriously easy.

    Add this PHP contact form by simply adding one file and one line of code.

    ez1 Contact Form

    Just because it's easy to add, doesn't mean it's lacking features:

    • on-screen notifications, not pop-ups
    • fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3
    • custom validation script
    • built-in anti-spam
    • and more

    Adding a PHP contact form to your website doesn't get any easier than the ez1 Contact Form.

    17. Spider - AJAX/PHP 50+ Form With jQuery Validation

    Spider - AJAX/PHP 50+ Form With jQuery Validation is an awesome new PHP contact form solution boasting a whole lot of features.

    Spider - AJAXPHP 50 Form With jQuery Validation

    These features include:

    • credit card and server side validation
    • file and zipcode validator
    • dynamic fields
    • Mailgun API
    • and much more

    The 60+ included button styles are pretty nice, too.

    Spider - AJAX/PHP 50+ Form With jQuery Validation looks very promising.

    18. PHP Form Builder

    PHP Form Builder is the perfect PHP contact form for Bootstrap users and anyone who wants to add some jQuery plugins into the mix.

    You can add any special field with one line of code or use one of several included jQuery plugins:

    • word/character counter
    • file upload
    • time picker
    • pass field
    • and more
    PHP Form Builder

    You'll also want to check out their Sublime Text 3 and Bracket plugins, as well as a complete screencast tutorial on how to build a contact form with PHP Form Builder and WordPress.

    PHP Form Builder has a lot of great features and integrations, making it a must-have for web developers.

    19. Just Forms Full

    Just Forms Full is a form framework that includes everything you'll need to build your own PHP contact form (or any other form you can imagine).

    Just Forms Full

    Some of the features included are:

    • SMTP, Sendmail, and MailChimp integration
    • client and server side validation
    • 110+ fully functional forms
    • 120+ AJAX PHP forms
    • 100+ form templates
    • multistep, modals, logic, and more

    Fully compatible with Bootstrap 3, Just Forms Full is full of everything you'll need to set up a form on your website.

    20. Forms Plus: PHP - Forms Framework

    Forms Plus: PHP - Forms Framework is brimming with so many features and options. Get ready to create your own form.

    Forms Plus PHP - Forms Framework

    It includes:

    • multiple styled form elements and animations
    • date pickers, color pickers, captcha, oh my!
    • full admin panel to manage collected data
    • over 90 templates
    • and much more

    If the tidal-wave of included presents doesn't strike your fancy, you can develop your own forms using your own styles.

    Forms Plus: PHP - Forms Framework is highly customizable and includes many great features.


    From simple email to advanced form builders, there are a lot of great PHP contact forms from Envato.

    If you still can't find the right PHP contact form among the many PHP scripts or you're looking for some help implementing your newly found PHP contact form script, be sure to check out these great resources:

    Whether you build your own or make adjustments to your new PHP contact form, you're sure to craft the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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