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    MacMini Server 2011 Part I

    4elements | web design Den Haag blog • MacMini Server 2011 Part I

    Part I: Intro and Goal.
    Part II: Preparations.
    Part III: Installation.
    Part IV: Settings.

    My G5, dual 2Ghz and 8GB ram, server was still working like a charm.
    (Including a G5 Jive to add 4 extra Internal Sata disks - total 6 Internal Disks)

    But the downside:
    - Heat, lots of heat. I even placed an airco in my server room.
    - Costs, A PowerMac G5 uses max 604 Watt. Add the airco time and your monthly bill will increase rapidly.
    - Noise, Due to the major fans, the heats it generates. I (sound)isolated the server room.

    My own new web/mail/file/media server that generates less noise, heat and uses less power. And the right storage solution.

    MacMini Server 2011 (2Ghz i7 Quad-core, 2 x 750 GB HD @ 7200 and 16GB RAM)
    MacMini uses: 8W (Idle) 18W (regular use) 85W (max)
    Sound: Silent (no sound)

    MacMini server: English - Dutch
    2 X 8 GB ram: English - Dutch

    Empty Enclosure for my 4 extra Internal HD's (JBOD)
    OWC RackPro Uses: 16W (Idle) 24W (regular use) 100W (max)
    Sound: Silent (no sound)

    Thunderbolt to eSata: Thunderbolt Adapter and eSATA adapter
    (two eSata connectors for future grow)

    Why eSata and not USB3:
    USB3 is theoretically faster but eSata has no latency what makes it high responsible and low/none system resource use.

    martijn broeders

    founder/ strategic creative bij 4elements web design & consultancy
    e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    telefoon: 06 38 55 28 54
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