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    MacMini Server 2011 Part II

    4elements | web design Den Haag blog • MacMini Server 2011 Part II

    Part II: Preparations.

    Full web server, mailserver, caldav and carddav with webmin/virtualmin.

    Update OS X 10.7 server software.
    Download Xcode 4.1 + install
    Download ServerAdminTools + install
    Download Java + install
    Download java developer + install
    Repair permissions

    Xcode 4.2 discontinued GCC 4.2 compiler and downgraded LLVM-GCC to 'legacy' compiler.
    Meaning that a lot of scripts/programs will not compile right until they are updated.
    This is the reason I stayed with Xcode 4.1. If you encounter problems please downgrade your Xcode 4.2.x to 4.1. (if you relay on my ffmpeg bash script you need to use Xcode 4.1)

    - While push mail didn't work for my setup, I decided to not use it.
    - But also when push was enabled, using my mac email account, I was not able to send a mail to my mac email account from the server. It continues to get back. (loop)
    - After installation, at the server setup section. Do not enter your mac account.

    Set computer name: server
    Set NS name:

    Enable Root:
    Macintosh HD -> System -> Library -> CoreServices -> Directory Utility
    Menu -> edit -> enable Root
    Enter a new password 2 times.
    Root enabled

    Dedicate system resources:
    Start the
    Select your computer under hardware.
    Press on settings. (see image)
    Disable "Dedicate system resources to server services"
    Restart your server.

    martijn broeders

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