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web design the hague

Web design needed for a new website?

Did you google on 'web design The Hague'? Then you do not have to look any further. You found me. This is 4elements web design & consultancy and I deliver web design in The Hague. 4elements web design & consultancy offers the whole online story: from concept development to graphic design and from functional design to construction.

WORKING WITH 4ELEMENTS web design the hague

4elements, specialist in web design

4elements web design and consultancy
Fully Responsive
Knowing that the web is no longer just on your desktop. Putting a huge emphasis on responsive design, which ensures viewers get the best possible browsing experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

4elements web design and consultancy
Custom Design
Your company differs from any other company and so a unique design will be crafted that suits you and your customers perfectly. With over 25 years of experience, I know what works.

4elements web design and consultancy
Easy to use
ExpressionEngine is constantly growing as more people are learning what a powerful tool it is. It is accessible and intuitive, which allows you to learn and adapt to it with relative ease.

web design the hague FOR EVERYONE

What I can do for you

Being seen
Based on your identity, working from my collection of standardized website designs which allows me to deliver great responsive websites at lower prices. Working with standard efficient workflows and use these to guide you through the process of getting your website online quickly.

From € 1.750 or € 29,99 p/m **

Being there
Based upon your identity, working from my collection of standardized website designs which allows me to achieve great responsive websites. This package also includes specific customised adjustments to deliver an even better user experience to your target group.

From € 4.250 * or € 79,99 p/m **

Being the pro
Take this plan if you want the best, something handmade to achieve your company goals. I'll start from scratch, will investigate your competitors, do a business analysis and make a functional requirements document. I make sure your website is unique and awesome.

From € 9.750 * or € 199,99 p/m **

* Price is including our care free service, SocialSEO, social branding and consulting. ** 50% deposit, duration 24 months.

WHAT TO EXPECT from 4elements web design the hague

Endless possibilities

Discovery Workshops
For me it’s important to understand your goals. The Discovery Workshop allows me to determine what you need and create a plan of action.

Functional Design
Visitors know what they’re looking for. So in the Functional Design I focus on making the easiest and most user-friendly design possible.

Wireframes are like the blue prints of your home. It primarily allows us to define the information hierarchy and structure of the design.

User Flows
Pages on a website are like words in a sentence: they need to be in the right order to make your point successfully. I can help you say what you want to say in the best possible way.

Smooth Animations
Animations can make the experience of your website more interactive and entertaining. I will combine small and large scale animations where needed.

When storytelling is important we use animations, like parallax, to let your visitors experience your product in a new way.

Pixel Perfect Design
The quality of design comes to life in my websites. I develop high-quality design and deliver it, pixel perfect.

Typography is a central component of great design and branding. Thanks to the web I'm able to use unique fonts, like your house style font, in your ExpressionEngine website.

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